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Project Management Services

Product Design and Development
C2C provides expert design guidance.  Clients have the option to have their lines designed, revamped, or created by our skilled design team, including those who have worked with major design houses.  We guarantee product specifications are met. Specializing in Nano and bio-tech wearable and Luxury products for a quality of life
Global Sourcing
C2C sources from its cadre of hundreds of global vendors result in lower minimums for materials such as custom fabrics and trims.
Technology Integration
C2C’s specialization in wearable tech includes PCB design; textile integrated bio-metric sensors; flexible electronics integrated onto textile structures; yarn-based sensors and conductive yarns, including fire-retardant yarns; and integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Digital Manufacturing
C2C’s long-standing relationships with high-quality global manufacturers enable us to both effectively manage the manufacturing process and deliver excellent results.

Customs and Logistics 
C2C handles the complex customs process ensuring our clients’ products are delivered on schedule to the designated location.

C2C translates your idea into an identity that significantly differentiates your product, and builds customer loyalty, in an increasingly competitive environment.

C2C guides your business in defining target markets and developing strategies to communicate your product’s value proposition. C2C’s global fashion ecosystem builds cooperation with other businesses and the opportunity for innovative and long-lasting relationships.
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