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  • Welcome to C2C Colab, where we provide incubation services for fashion and technology-related startups. Our focus is on creating a global infrastructure called C2C Colab that brings together fashion technology entrepreneurs, professionals, and creative thinkers from various backgrounds. Together, we explore the exciting intersection of art, science, and technology.

  • At C2C Colab, we encourage active participation and collaboration among all members. We believe in generating innovative ideas for materials and technology, striving to create fashionable, functional, and comfortable solutions to meet everyday needs. Whether it's in sports & fitness, outdoor & leisure, home & leisure, home care, or health care, we aim to drive innovation and collaboration.

  • As early adopters of the digital revolution, we are at the forefront of transforming the Nano-Bio Tech smart fashion industry. With our drive and capability, we turn smart fashion technology concepts into reality.

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  • Colab Services:

  • Branding

  • Legal business structure setup

  • Sample production

  • Full production runs

  • Tech Packs

  • Project Management Services:

  • Product design and development

  • Global sourcing

  • Technology integration

  • Digital manufacturing

  • Specializations in Smart Products:

  • PCB design

  • Textile-integrated biometric sensors

  • Flexible electronics

  • Yarn-based sensors and conductive yarns

  • Fire-retardant yarns

  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities


  • Our Community: Through C2C's mentoring services, we connect new companies with tech and fashion experts. Additionally, we facilitate connections with government and educational services that support the growth of these companies.

  • Philosophy/Ethos:

  • Inclusive: C2C Colab fosters a collaborative and synergistic environment that encourages idea exchange and inspires our entire community.

  • Integrity: Our collaborative effort is based on honesty and unity, with the sole agenda of making each other's ideas the strongest they can be.

  • Reward: We want our members to take pride in being part of a movement that allows them to pursue their passion in the most positive environment possible.

  • Join us at C2C Colab, where collaboration and inspiration thrive!

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C2C CoLab Contact


Tel: 1-512-539-0679

9800 N Lamar Blvd Suite 216/218


Austin, TX 78753

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