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 Powerful ERP / CRM/ PLM Global Tool to Control and Connect all your Business.

  • C2C Fashion and Technology: Paving the way for forward-thinking individuals with a new technological vision and innovative ideas.

  • Goal: Promote global initiative and facilitate collaboration among companies.

  • Network: Connects factories, manufacturers, designers, and retailers seeking improved profitability and productivity through technology integration.

  • Benefits: Joining the network enables companies to adopt a more efficient approach to global business.

  • Streamlined Approach: Embrace a more effective way of doing business on a global scale.

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  • C2C Fashion and Technology is a one-stop consortium for businesses seeking multimedia marketing, product development, and cloud technology integration.

  • Goal: Promote and implement radical changes in the global fashion and technology ecosystem.

  • Main paradigmatic changes: Reshoring the fashion industry through sustainable practices and combining "smart factories," "smart networks," and "smart products."

  • Mission: Provide guidance and support to individuals, start-ups, and existing companies in achieving business success and realizing their dreams.

  • Services offered: Expertise in branding, marketing, business plan development, website optimization, legal matters, and more at competitive prices.

  • Principles: Social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

  • Community: Includes experienced, skilled, and creative talent.

  • Customizable packages of services to meet unique needs.

  • Open to collaborating with innovative individuals in the mentioned areas.


C2C Fashion and Technology

Empowering a Sustainable Fashion Future

Redefining Fashion through Innovation, Connectivity, and Circular Design

What if fashion could do more than just look good and protect us? What if fashion had intelligence? C2C Fashion and Technology is here to revolutionize the fashion industry by seamlessly integrating fashion and technology into a global ecosystem. We offer a full-service, one-stop consortium for businesses, providing interactive multimedia marketing, product development, and cloud technology integration.

At C2C, we understand the power of digital transformation and its impact on societies and economies. Our mission is to address the transition towards new organizational paradigms driven by digital technologies. By embracing the convergence of physical and digital environments, we are shifting the fashion industry from passive buyer-seller interactions to engaging and interactive experiences.

Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

What sets us apart is our commitment to environmental responsibility. At C2C Fashion and Technology, we design out waste and embrace a life-cycle approach to sustainability. We believe in using resources wisely and efficiently to prevent depletion and pollution. From energy and carbon emissions to water usage and waste management, we are passionate about addressing key environmental factors.

By implementing sustainable practices and leveraging innovative technologies, we actively contribute to preserving the environment. Our products are specifically designed, redesigned, or reused to promote a circular economy. We consider the entire life cycle, minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability. From product design to end-of-life considerations, environmental responsibility is at the forefront of our operations. 

Our Services

We offer a range of services to transform your business:

  1. Product Design and Development: Our team of experts will help you bring your fashion ideas to life through innovative design and development processes.

  2. Customs and Logistics: Seamlessly manage your global supply chain with our comprehensive customs and logistics solutions, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.

  3. Technology Integration: We integrate state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions into your business operations, empowering you to leverage the latest technological advancements.

  4. Global Sourcing: Access a vast network of global suppliers to find the best materials and resources for your fashion business.

  5. Manufacturing: Collaborate with our network of smart factories to achieve efficient and sustainable production processes.

  6. Branding and Marketing: Our multimedia marketing strategies will help you create a strong brand presence and reach your target audience effectively.


Unlock New Possibilities with Our Key Offerings

Experience fashion like never before with our IoT Fashion solutions. Our intelligent and connected garments include textile-integrated biometric sensors, flexible electronic integration, yarn-based sensors with textile embedded hardware, printed electronics, medical optical/electrical sensors, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth integration, PCB integration, GPS integration, and LED and fiber optics.

  1. C2C Intranet: A powerful portal providing a centralized platform for employees to access internal and external resources, fostering collaboration and communication within your global workplace.

  2. C2C Fashtech: API integrations for software companies to the C2C Fashion and Technology ecosystem as software as a service.

  3. C2C Business Connect: Forge meaningful connections with clients in a digital environment through online events, business conferences, workshops, webinars, and product launches.

  4. C2C V-shop: Leverage AI, AR, MR, and VR technologies to offer customers personalized avatar life models, virtual try-ons, and tailored product suggestions, enhancing the shopping experience.

  5. C2C Business Builder: Streamline your wholesale business operations by integrating fulfillment and production processes into a single software program. Features include ERP, PLM, CRM integration, and design and production APIs.

  6. C2C Multiverse: Revolutionize customer-business interactions by providing a unique digital environment for exploring products, making purchases, and sharing experiences.

  7. C2C Interact: Technological developments in social digital interactive product development and marketing will empower the buyer to interact, belong, influence, informed, and charge the brands from which they buy.

  8. C2C Crypto: Simplify invoicing and payment processes with our global payment gateway that accepts various cryptocurrencies, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

  9. C2C ChatGPT: Our AI-powered chatbot is here to assist you with any questions you have about C2C Fashion and Technology. While still in beta, our ChatGPT is continuously learning and improving to provide you with accurate and helpful responses.

  10. C2C Fashtech IoT: Products with Nano and bio-technology for the smart cities.

Join Us in Shaping a Sustainable Future

At C2C Fashion and Technology, we harness the disruptive nature of technology to create a sustainable quality of life. By embracing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), extended reality (XR), blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, bots and robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), we unlock new possibilities for the fashion industry.

Join us in transforming the fashion industry by embracing the convergence of fashion and technology. Experience the power of intelligent fashion and explore the endless opportunities that C2C Fashion and Technology brings to your business. Together, let's shape a sustainable and customer-driven future.

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Contact Information:

C2C Fashion and Technology LLC

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CEO/Founder: Samuel Alexander

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